Cultural Heritage Infrastructures in Digital Humanities, Routledge

Chapters sent to publishers: Cultural Heritage Infrastructures in Digital Humanities


  • Agiatis Benardou, Digital Curation Unit, IMIS-Athena Research Centre
  • Erik Champion, School of Media Culture and Creative Arts, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University
  • Costis Dallas, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto & Digital Curation Unit, IMIS-Athena Research Centre
  • Lorna Hughes, Humanities Advanced Technology Information Institute, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow


  1. Introduction by Agiatis Benardou, Erik Champion, Costis Dallas, Lorna Hughes.
  2. The Role of 3D Models in Virtual Heritage Infrastructures, by Erik Champion
  3. Internet Archaeology and digital scholarly communication, by Julian D. Richards.
  4. Crowds for clouds: Recent trends in humanities research infrastructures, by Tobias Blanke, Conny Kristel and Laurent Romary.
  5. The Ethnography of Infrastructures: Digital Humanities and Cultural Anthropology, by Gertraud Koch.
  6. Building Personal Research Collections in Art History, by Christina Kamposiori, Claire Warwick and Simon Mahony.
  7. Making sure the data fit the researchers. Data identification and investigation in European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), by Veerle Vanden Daelen.
  8. Mubil: A Library-based Immersive Virtual Environment for Situated Historical Learning, by Alexandra Angeletaki and Marcello Carrozzino.
  9. Digital Heritage Tools in Ireland – a Review, by Sharon Webb and Aileen O’Carroll.
  10. From Europeana Cloud to Europeana Research: Tools, Users and Methods, by Agiatis Benardou, Alastair Dunning.